Looking to Rent a Tent?

We Have a Number of Sizes Available!  Here are our most basic options:

20’ x 20’  |  20’ x 30’  |  20′ x 40′ Eureka Elite™ Pole Tents
30′ x 30′  |  30′ x 45′  |  30′ x 60′ | 30′ x 75′ Eureka Evolution™ Pole Tents

These tents are top of the line high peak pole tents (a similar look to the DIA “tents”). There are number of side poles around the outside of each tent, and center poles inside each tent. *Pole tents do not require ugly weights or water barrels to be set up but they do required large stakes to be driven into the ground. Prices range from $350 to $950+ per rental period.

Frame Tent Options:

10′ x 10′ High Peak Frame Tents can be configured to create custom sizes perfect for any event. Frame Tents are used most commonly on patios or other hard surfaces. They also require weights to secure them to the ground.

Which tent is right for your event? Here’s what you need to consider:

How many people will be attending your event?

o   20’ wide Tents: 30 to 100 Guests (seated)

o   30’ Wide Tents: 70 to 300 Guests (seated)

How much open space do you have available?

Each Tent requires an additional 4′ of space on each side. As an example:

o   20’ x 30’ Tent: Minimum required space = 28’ x 38’

What’s the next step?  Call or email us for availability!

We will be happy to help you pick out a tent, let you know which dates/sizes are available, and answer any and all questions that you have.

(303) 953-0640 | BoulderTentRentals@gmail.com

It’s that simple! If for any reason we can’t accommodate your request, we are happy to point you in the right direction to ensure that your event and its’ planning goes off without a hitch!